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Strip Till Toolbars
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NH3 Applicators

Model 1100 - 3-Point Toolbar

  • 7" x 5" twin frame toolbar
  • Category II & III 3-point hitch
  • 30" spacing between front bar and back bar
  • Even or Odd Row Spacings for pre-plant or sidedress applications.
  • 9.5L x 15 pin adjust gauge wheels
  • Safety Lighting Package

Models 1300 & 1500 - Twin Frame Anhydrous Toolbars

  • 7" x 5" twin frame toolbar
  • 48" spacing between front bar and back bar allows for better trash flow.
  • Even or Odd Row Spacings - Even row advantage is there is an even distribution of product, even knife wear across the bar because there are no knives in the dual tracks, and the bar is easier to pull because you are not pulling knives through the dual tracks.
  • Available with single wheels or walking tandems. The single wheel or walking tandem use the same size tire/wheel - 12.5L x 15.
  • All wheels run in-line and all are hydraulically controlled by a rephrase hydraulic cylinders - no pin adjust options!
  • Wheel assemblies are attached to the frame with a saddle clamp rather than u-bolts and are adjustable.
  • Safety lighting package

Model 7200

Progressive's Model 7200 is a heavy-duty, front-folding, toolbar. The front-folding allows for a narrower transport width versus the standard vertical fold toolbars. The 7200 is available in working widths of 30' (12-row), 40' (16-row), and 60' (24-row). The 7200 can be used as and anhydrous toolbar, liquid applicator, or as a dry fertilizer applicator. It is available with a rear hitch for pulling nurse tanks, liquid carts (such as Progressive's Tri-Wheel Cart with a 1000 gallon tank), or a dry box cart (Tri-Wheel Cart or the Montag System). We do have a dry box available in 12, 16, and 24 row versions. The 7200 is also available with flat-fold row markers and a variety of row units - Edge-Bent (shear-bolt style), Auto-Reset, or the Parallel Linkage Models: Row Pro 300 Combo, Row Pro 300 Standard, and Row Pro 300 Auto-Reset.


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1100 Spec Sheet (16kb)
 Model 1100        

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1300 Spec Sheet (10kb)
 Model 1300        

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1500 Spec Sheet (10kb)
 Model 1500        

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